How To Use

Steps for setting up the live stream using Switcher Studio Application.

1. Download the application named “Switcher Studio” From the App Store.

2. When you open the application, select the option “Use as Switcher”.

3. Login with the given credentials.


4. Click on the “Menu” icon, shown in the picture.


5. Select the option “Outputs“.


6. By default “None” will be chosen, but select the “Custom RTMP” option.


7. Select the “+” button shown in the marked area.


8. In RTMP Parameters, fill the “Channel Nickname“, “Server URL” and “Stream ID” with your supplied information.


9. Adjust the parameters “Video Resolution” to 1280×720, “Video Bitrate” to 2600 kbps, “Audio Format” to Stereo @ 48000 hz and “Audio Bitrate” to 128 kbps.



10. When every thing is set, run speedtest and check the upload speed. If upload speed is lower than the video bitrate, adjust the video bitrate the match the upload speed.


11. If upload sped is more than the 3 Mbps, the setup is ready to go live.


12. Make sure that “NRIstreams” is selected as the “RTMP Channel” and “Custom RTMP” is selected as the “Outputs“.


13. Press the record button and it should go “Live“.


14. When live is completed, please press the stop button on the screen and wait till the stream transfer to the server is finished.